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About Us

PisoMundo SC is a company that offers services to clients to relocate, buy, sell, short/long term rent and interior design & renovation projects. Our services can be combined in a custom turn-key package to achieve maximum result, comfort, quality and synergy for our clients. PisoMundo SC is active in the Spanish Mediterranean coastal area.

Our company is made up by the following departments/websites:

PMreloc.com is PisoMundo’s department and website for services for the expatriate’s relocation to their new destination. The custom service package will be decided together with the customer.  The services package ranges from when the expat is still in the place of origin until the expat and their family feel fully adapted in their new destination and everything in between.

PisoMundo.com is PisoMundo’s department and website for the selling/buying and long term rental activities of real estate in the Spanish Mediterranean coastal area including consultancy and second opinions.

PisoDesign.com is PisoMundo’s department and website that is purely focused on architecture and design of real estate, Interior and exterior design, renovation and construction including module/container homes.

PisomundoBarcelona.com PisoMundo’s portfolio of relocation rentals in the Barcelona area. These rentals are exclusively available for relocation services at PMreloc.com by PisoMundo SC.

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